We offer five 60 to 90 minute workshops that address equality issues and provide attendees with empowering tools they can use in their day-to-day lives. These workshops have been developed through extensive research and testing and we have versions that will work for any age group and audience. We can also tailor workshops to fit your specific needs.

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Create Change In Your Lifetime

Change requires action and action equals activism. This activist training teaches you how to turn your ideas into action. Learn how to develop and implement your agenda and the stages and skills needed to create change.

Run the World: Develop Your Leadership Potential

Managing and governing require strong leadership. This workshop will teach you skills and strategies of successful leadership including developing and enacting your vision, taking initiative and the art of creating a constituency.

Find Your Unique Voice

There is nothing more important than having a voice in trying to cultivate your identity. Being able to speak up or speak out is a skill. Your view of self affects your ability to present your message. Learn how to communicate your value, develop and understand your boundaries, and prepare for your next role in life.

Creating A Gender Equal Life For Yourself

This workshop will further your understanding of how to live a gender equal life at school, at work and at play. It will help you understand the importance of your role in the history of women’s equality and will build your confidence and leadership skills in an educational and interactive environment.

Build Your Life After Graduation

Transitioning from college to the next phase in your life requires thought, planning and preparation. Learn how to be an active and successful participant in your life and your future.



Carlynne McDonnell has a Master’s in Public Policy and has been working in the corporate, education and non-profit worlds for over 30 years. She has presented workshops at a variety of venues including national college leadership conferences, college campuses, United Nations Commission on the Status of Women and other leadership meetings. Her workshops are always thought-provoking, interactive and designed to educate and encourage attendees to create a world for equality.



“Great presentation, inspired me to make a difference.”

“The presentation was very moving and influential.”

“Inspiring, great information.”

“Learned a lot. Greatly enjoyed her presentation.”

“She is very passionate. Very fulfilling workshop.”

“Love the presenter, must come back.”

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