Welcome to Change In Our Lifetime, Inc! Our 501 c (3) is all about gender equality.  We have been planning, pondering and creating a path for this new non-profit that aims to change the way we look at, define and fight for gender equality.

Change In Our Lifetime, Inc. wants to look beyond what we currently say and do in our quest for gender equality and challenge women to see more, to collaborate more, to act more.  We all have one primary goal  – that goal is gender equality.

But do all women understand what is gender equality? Are we only feminist or equalists or no descriptive word – ists?   One of our primary goals is to redirect the gender equality dialogue away from rigid definitions and beliefs, to refocus on what is important and how we can actually achieve gender equality. We want to educate and reeducate women about the prize we will achieve – today.

We are definitely full of high hopes and aspirations, but we are also hard working people who agree that we all want Change in Our Lifetime.

Join us in our journey – watch as we unfold.  Read our blog, post on our facebook page, share with us your ideas about where we are going – together.

It’s going to be one hell of a ride!

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