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Women’s Equality Day? Not At All!

Featured in Huffington Post – click here for the original article.  Every August 26, we celebrate Women’s Equality Day. Women’s Equality Day, created in 1971 by the United States Congress, is designated as the date for the observance of the

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The Real Art of Mentoring

Being a mentor is a practiced and educated art form.  So many times we think that mentoring is imparting our knowledge, sharing how we have performed a task or completed a project. Mentoring is really guiding, allowing your mentee the

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Women’s Equality Day

Hello everyone from Change In Our Lifetime!  We have taken a brief break to work on our infrastructure, and we have created the bones of a long-term organization with a few staff people who are talented and committed to what

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How would you answer?

I was surprised at the response to Miss Utah’s fumbling the pay equity question during the Miss USA pageant Saturday night. The glee at which the media went after her is another sign to me of the inequitable world in

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And we begin

One of Change In Our Lifetime, Inc’s core beliefs is that issues of gender equality transect everything. Someone once said to me that “Everything isn’t about gender equality.” I would disagree. Issues of inequality undermine women’s participation in military service,

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Welcome to Change In Our Lifetime, Inc! Our 501 c (3) is all about gender equality.  We have been planning, pondering and creating a path for this new non-profit that aims to change the way we look at, define and

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