Change In Our Lifetime, Inc. was founded in 2012 and has a multi-tier, multi-year approach to women’s equality. Our immediate work centers on college/university women and middle/high school girls.

We are committed to educating them about our collective women’s history and preparing them to take charge of their lives through leadership and participation in the real world. We have created a series of workshops that will empower, encourage and better prepare these women for their future. We have also created a curriculum of empowerment for middle/high schools girls that helps them make good choices, concentrating on at-risk girls.

We believe that women need to be educated about the prevalence of gender inequality. It is disingenuous to expect women to understand how important they are without educating them.

Change In Our Lifetime, Inc. is strictly non-partisan and our small staff has different political viewpoints. We all agree that inequality continues to create roadblocks every day, in a variety of ways for women. Until we come together as women without barriers or categories, we will continue to compete with each other rather than focusing on creating a better quality of life for all women. You can help create new stories.

Our Founder’s Story

I remember my first real wake-up came when my mother (A WWII Army nurse who served at the Battle of The Bulge) could not get a credit card in her own name in the 1970’s. Later, one of my beloved female college professors was denied tenure and I did not understand why. I was told the reason was “collegiality.”

As I moved into the workforce after college, I worked for a transportation agency based on the east coast. There I experienced unbelievable levels of sexual harassment with no real recourse. I faced pay discrepancies where male co-workers with less education earned more, and I found I had to constantly justify my yearly salary increase. I toughed it out and learned coping mechanisms, like so many women do.

Years later I heard a story of a female NCAA softball coach who had been discriminated against at her university in the worst possible ways. She fought back at great personal cost. Her story made me ashamed that I had done nothing to draw a line for myself and say NO! I felt as though she stood up and fought back for me, and so many others who stayed quiet.

That was the turning point for me. Through several iterations with other organizations, I finally realized that I needed to start a movement that would really create Change In Our Lifetime.

~ Carlynne McDonnell

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